Thursday, 16 June 2011

My life in a nutshell !!

Instead of stuffing 'about me' space, I thought it would be ideal to outline my life in my first post.
I was born to a well educated very practical father and a homely sweet sensitive mother in a village in India. We are 3 sisters, me being the eldest. None of us have anything in common apart from the looks! We fought like warriors over anything ranging from a ring, book or an unnecessary comment. Now there is no more fights to hold us together. The fights are replaced by the eagerness to stay in touch over long distances and the affection of old memories.
When I was 12  we moved to the city, where I found out I was no longer a champion. Initial days in the new school were a torture to me as I found myself to be a 'frog in the well'. But it didnt take long for me to be a winner again. I changed my views, my ideas, my lifestyle and dared to do new things and pushed myself to the front line. From then onward I realized if you have the willpower, right attitude, determination and boldness to change you can reach up to the sky!
Moving from village life to city life was my first eye opener. Then I got the second chance when we (me, my husband and my child) relocated to Britain, one of the most civilized parts of the world. It has been 5 yrs here and it is hard to explain in words how much this culture - the people here has taught me!
Moving from one culture to another, living in different societies and knowing deeply people from different parts of the world has enabled me to think differently. In my future posts I promise to share my thoughts which come with experience and exposure.


  1. it is ofcourse a bold ,sincere attempt and i wish u all the success ........ u know i am also of ur type......the so called "wayward" or "rebel" one......and feels happy that some one is talking publicly of all their crazy thoughts and believes and even the wildest dreams.....

  2. Thank you Neethu. Happy to know that there are more rebels in the world ;)Welcome to my world of daring dreams!!